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Vega Gamleby - Race 1 - Log 5

Vega Gamleby - Tall Ships' Races 2014
July 11, 2014 a / b Vega Gamleby

Now the end of the journey is in sight, seeing everything one last time. We saw this morning for the last time the sunrise from the ship. Getting up early every morning was hard, but it was worth it. We will miss the beautiful mornings. When we left from Harlingen in the rain, we thought we would have. Bad weather all week but today we have already plenty of sunshine and we are in bikini on deck. In the afternoon we go swimming from the boat and we meet all the jellyfish in the sea. All Swedes, Norwegians and Finns pick them up and throw them, but we have yet to get used to it. But not shower for a week, ensures that we just jump in between. Via a rope ladder we climb aboard and let us dry on the deck. After the swim, we sail for a few hours and Fredrikstad is already in sight. We eat a delicious Thai meal and anchor near the port. There too we jump into the water again, this time fortunately no jellyfish among us. The water is lovely and cool even at the late hour, it is not cold in bikinis. We are now at anchor, causing night will have to be walked. Wait no full Therefore, everyone is still awake until late. In the evening there is the opportunity to watch movie but everyone still prefer to watch the sunset. With some popcorn there we have a nice evening together. There are even some people who go to sleep on the deck, but it still seems too cold. We look forward to a normal night in a bed that does not move.

Saturday, July 12

Four hours later than usual, we are awakened. The atmosphere on board is now we do not sail relaxed and everyone is looking forward to the arrival in Fredrikstad. A few people take a dip before we weigh anchor and leave. Preparations must be made for the arrival at the port. Thus, the ship must be cleaned again and the cabins are cleaned. We make a music video on the song 'Happy', where everyone dances on the ship. The arrival in Fredrikstad is nice to see. Much waved at us with a number of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the background, it seems as if we have made??. An entire world When we docked, we are finally back after six days, with our feet on the shore. It feels weird to feel. No swell of the waves more

Even though we were only six days on the road, it feels like we've been gone much longer. Because of different weather conditions and different people, we have experienced so many different things.
At the beginning of our trip, we wrote that we were a little anxious, but mostly very curious. Once we were on the way, we have absolutely no fear felt more and enjoyed the amazing journey. It's an experience you can not explain, but it should make to know how it is. We recommend it to everyone to come along once. How cliche as it sounds, it's a trip you will never forget.

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