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Morgenster EU-Exchange - Log 1 July 20th

We began our day with the watch, after a good night of sleep. We climbed in the mast to set the sails on the main mast and the foremast, it was a great experience! It was very impressive to climb but quite frightening to go up this high in the mast. After we set the sails we just were talking with each other about the different sounds of the animals in our own countries. This was because Dennis (Danish Dennis) has a tattoo on his leg with a duck which says ‘rap rap’ and we thought it was a hip hop duck because the ducks in our countries say quack quack or coin coin in French. It was really funny. Time flies when you’re having fun, so before we knew it was lunchtime. We had a nice soup with toasted bread with cheese and onion. When we had our lunches the captain made an announcement that we had an evacuation drill in 5 minutes. It was a brief drill, we learned to put on the lifejacket, how to jump in the water with it and how to throw the life rafts overboard. The rest of the afternoon we had some time to do some things of your own like a shower (it was cold L) and take a long powernap to refill the energy J After this we did a game to know and learn more about each other, it was interesting and fun. We found out that some people had a good ability to lie, because the game was to tell two true facts and one false fact about yourself. Then it was already time for dinner, which was good. After it we are again on watch, where Harry and the others sang some Irish songs. It was nice to listen to. Now we expect another beautiful night J ‘ The End’.

By Lara Maier and Karine Boshoven

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